Client Comments

 Notice how some of our clients have benefited from our services: 



"​Mrs. Walton, thank you for your help. I have developed my confidence in speaking the English language. I am not embarrassed to stand in front of people to give speeches. I can speak more fluently than before, and people don't have a hard time understanding me."

"​My son has attended speech sessions at Clear Speech Now for the past several months. Initially, we had difficulty getting things sorted out with our insurance. Mrs. Walton was patient, courteous, and proactive in getting things worked out. Mrs. Gray, the speech therapist that worked with my son developed a rapport with him. Although the therapy was challenging, my son seemed to enjoy it. Mrs. Gray used games and rewards to make it fun. She was patient and allowed a lot of silliness. She gave lots of praise and encouragement. Overall, I would say that it was a positive experience."

"Mrs. Walton and her therapists have done wonders for our daughter, who was diagnosed deaf. Through the challenges, we were able to watch our daughter grow in confidence, learn new words and signs, and lengthen her attention span. The care that she received speaks volumes of the staff and their dedication to helping children and adults succeed. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our time at Clear Speech Now PLLC!"

"​As a result of your instruction and correction of my accent and punctuation, I was more confident when presenting at the workshop."


"​You are good at guiding me to say and understand new words. I am more interested in speaking English."

"Our experience with Clear Speech Now has been exceptional. Tammy Cook is a consummate professional who genuinely cares for the progress and development of our son, Eli. Additionally, she provides us with advice and reassurance with questions and concerns. We have been really fortunate to cross paths. Their services are highly recommended."

"​Our Daughter attends a Day Support Program in Hampton. While attending her program, she receives services from CLEAR SPEECH NOW. We are pleased with this arrangement. Mrs. Betty Walton is her communication trainer and is very actively involved with our daughter's program. Mrs. Walton was instrumental in inquiring an iPad for our daughter. She has taught our family there are many ways to communicate when verbal speech is not an option."

"We have had a great experience at Clear Speech Now. My daughter loves working with her therapist, Lauren. Everyone is so patient and friendly. They make learning fun. I have seen a huge improvement in my daughter’s communication and her confidence! I highly recommend Clear Speech Now!"

"Clear Speech Now, PLLC has been instrumental in the developing the basic communication skills for our daughter with Autism.  Mrs. Walton and her therapists are committed professionals who are invested in the progress of each and every individual they support! It has been encouraging to hear our family members comment on the growth of our daughter’s conversational skills.  We highly recommend Clear Speech Now, PLLC."

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"The English classes with Mrs. Walton were very helpful for me. She is not only a certified speech pathologist, but she is also a very talented and dedicated teacher. Mrs. Walton stressed the importance of correct pronunciation. She taught me to distinguish words which sound alike and how to understand and use English slang. My spoken and understanding performances have considerably improved. I am very appreciative to Mrs. Walton for her help."