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​​​​​CLEAR SPEECH NOW PLLC evaluateS and treatS children who have difficulties with communication and swallowing dISORDERS.

 Our patients range in age from birth through ADULTS.

We deliver family-centered clinical care.  We work closely with families,  THE LOCAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, AND OTHER SUPPORT STAFF  to IDENTIFY  OUR CLIENTS'  communication strengths and needs, and provide information to help families AND STAFF TO BETTER SUPPORT OUR CLIENTS IN LEARNING TO COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY. 

For every patient, a comprehensive, individualized evaluation is performed, after which the sPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST will develop a plan that can be used to pursue treatment through early intervention, in school, or with a provider close to the family’s home. Speech-language therapy may be recommended to help a child understand language, communicate effectively and/or speak clearly.